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Share and relate with others based
on mutual interests

This feature allows you to find people with
similar interests as you all around the world and
even you can create a group discussion with


Admiring is more encouraging than

By admiring people on DailyAct, you show them
that you’re truly inspired by their positive lives.
It could encourage them to live better day by


Share and relate with others based
on mutual interests.

In Dailyact apps, you can choose your Mood so you can show your friends about how is your day going and you see your friends mood and cheer them up!


Classify your post.

This feature allows you to put classification for every post you do.
Evaluating what kind of person are you based on our indicators:
Social, Work, Social, Hobby and Travel posts.



Go Private, yet Visible.

This feature is perfect for private account.
You still can share your beautiful posts to people around the world. Get private yet visible.


Community is a fun way to connect.

This new feature allows you to build your community with your friends.
Discussing your private event and sharing would be awesome now.
You can pick and manage your own member and move your community online.